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Repticon Columbia

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Unique Soul Gems Curated Collection


Soul Frogs exclusives! See our one-of-a-kind pieces featuring Sterling Silver
and Gemstones with Snakes, Lizards, Turquoise, Turtella Jasper,
and even Dinosaur Bones!
Each piece is unique...so, like the dinosaurs, once they're gone, they're gone!

Turtella Jasper with

925 Sterling Silver Snake

Green Turquoise with

925 Sterling Silver Snake

Unique Celtic Arizona Turquoise with 925 Sterling Silver


This authentic, hard-to-find collection pays tribute to Viking warriors and culture.
There are twelve pieces in all, and we have a limited selection of each.
Don't cross Bifrost without yours!

Northern Knot

Love & Friendship

Wolf Hammer

Strength & Vitality

Thor's Hammer

MJOLLNIR is spelled
in Old Norse letters

Viking Longboat

Protection on the Sea of Life



Wildlife and Nature Jewelry

at Family-friendly Prices


We've looked far and wide for fun animal, wildlife, and fashion jewelry at reasonable prices, including a selection of

frog, turtle, bird, owl, snake, and lizard jewelry.


We'll also have a wide assortment of loose gemstones, and collectors' stones.

Scorpion & Insect Keychains

Gemstone Pendants with Sterling Silver Snake and Chain

Scorpion Necklaces

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Other pieces, including Amber and Geode slices, will be on display, subject to prior sale.